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Club Officers for 2017

President--Larry Stogner
Vice-President--Scotty Russell
Secretary--Vicky Campbell
Treasurer--Kim Hall
Board Members-- Tim McCormack, Bryan McMillen, Mark Campbell
Please feel free to contact any of us for information regarding the East Tennessee Boxer Club.
A downloadable Membership Application is available.
Feel free to print one off and bring it to our next meeting.


Club Members

Larry and Susan Stogner Cliff and Kim Hall
Knoxville, TN Powell, TN
Email: Email:
Website coming soon Website: Blue Monday
Scottie and Bethany Russell Tracy Gardner
Louisville, TN Powell, TN
Email: Email:
Website: SpellBound Website: Klahduh
Vickie Clarke Lisa Dyer
Morristown, TN Whitesburg, TN
Email: Email:
Website: SugarMax
Misty McKamey Ken and Kathy Blalock
 Ooltewah, TN Knoxville, TN
Email: Email:
Website: Brisbane
Bryan McMillen Tim McCormack
Mt. Juliet, TN Mt. Juliet, TN
Email: Email:
Website: Treasure Chest Website: Treasure Chest
Steven "Greg" Shores  Jill Hootman
Belvidere, TN  Clarksville, TN
Email: Email:
Website: TealCrest
Ann Campbell Mark and Vicky Campbell
Knoxville, TN Knoxville, TN
Email:  Email:
 Dale & Cindi Schowalter  
 Knoxville, TN  


We have a new Ultimate Dog Stacker for those interested in conformation training. Click on the name to see their website full of instructional videos and training tips. This will aide in training the dog for the proper stacking positions. It is designed to be adjustable or any size dog or puppy and will be rented to ETBC members on a monthly basis.

We have a new ALBA Holter monitoring vest for our members to use. The Holter monitor, named after its creator Dr. Norman Holter MD, records 24 hours of continuous heart rhythm (EKG or ECG) and heart rate (HR), while the dog goes about its normal daily activity in a home environment. The Holter is found to be a far superior test when compared to the 5-minute EKG, simply because of its 24-hour recording time.

The guidelines for the Holter use are as follows: you have to be a current ETBC member and on the list. When it's your turn to use the Holter, you must attend that month's meeting. There will be a $20 charge to use the Holter, plus a $20 deposit. You must attend the next month's meeting to return the Holter at which time you receive a $20 refund, less the fee for each kit used ($5 each). The SD card mist be returned erased or replaced, and report any damages. Members must sign an agreement to these guidelines and assume responsibility for the condition of the vest, monitor, wires. If it is your turn to use the Holter and you are not at that month's meeting, you will be placed at the bottom of the list, and the next available member that is on the list and in attendance will be able to use it.

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